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Cisco® Business Edition 6000

Cisco® Business Edition 6000 is integrated by fluent Cisco network, catering to your expectation, and offers multi-functional advanced collaboration service. The solution improves the business process and association of whole organization, shown as following aspects:

●   Create effective environment to support users with any equipment at any time and any place, thus improving work efficiency;

●   Reducing complexity by providing limited IT stuff with an easy-to-manage solution;

●  Reducing total cost of ownership(TCO) by hardware integration, lower power and cooling cost, as well as convenient deployment and management tools;

●   Realize customized collaboration immediately and own flexibility that fluctuates and adjusts as its increase;

●  Make an effective and quick response to clients to improve their satisfaction and loyalty.

Combination of perfect and simplicity

Cisco® Business Edition 6000 is a simple and perfect communication solution, aiming at deepening client relationship through interaction and practice. Based on proven technology, it provides united communication and advanced collaboration service for integrated and single virtual platform, supports amount to 1000 users, 50 sites and 100 concurrent contact center positions.(as Figure 1)

Figure 1. Communication Solution Suitable For Growth Enterprises

Realize stuff mobile office

Based on Cisco united communication, stuff can work more effectively with any chosen equipment in required time and place. The key of Cisco® Business Edition 6000 solution is Cisco united communication manager(UCM). Cisco UCM can contact to appropriate stuff in the first place upon calling, no matter from cable or wireless devices, desktop video, or personal computers. With the help of “one number function” and other mobile association functions, Cisco UCM can transfer callings from mobile devices to fixed-line telephones to make sure that important calls are answered.

Simplify your operation

Through the centralized management of Cisco Prime TM collaboration, clients can simplify deployment and perform moves,adds and changes continuously. Cisco Prime TM collaboration offers intuitive interface and automates daily configuration tasks, such as video messaging and online application, it also helps to guarantee quick and consistent system deployment and finish ongoing management tasks quickly and simply. In addition, Cisco Prime TM collaboration can delegate general tasks to system users by allocating users automatically and reduce resources, time and costs of IT stuff further without damaging system capabilities.

Provide consistent experience

Nowadays, demand for multi-devices support is becoming urgent. Through Cisco Jabber TM messaging integration platform, your team can work with any devices at any place freely. You can access online status, instant message(IM), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop share and conferencing with the help of Cisco Jabber platform. Therefore, you can find appropriate stuff, check out whether they are free and achieve collaboration with your preferred method.

Deliver messages through your own ways

Through integrated messaging platform, you can safely deliver united messages to voice mailbox and e-mails; transcribe voice message to e-mails by voice text conversion function; cascade voice mailbox within the whole organization. You can also access scheduled conferences and contact your colleagues through voice command. With the help of built-in paging, you can send point-to-point, group paging and radio message to correspond with people who you want to if needed.

Gather users

It’s important for many enterprises to improve work efficiency and reduce costs through video collaboration. The standard integrated video function of Cisco Business Edition 6000 enables your users to make video calls as easily as making phone calls. The platform supports the interoperability with traditional H.323/SIP(session initiation protocol) and third-party telepresence endpoints, thus protecting investments of your company. Cisco Business Edition 6000 is also comprehensively compatible with Cisco immersion conferencing platform that is suitable for video conference solution, provide network, remote users and enterprise-to-enterprise functions and extend video function into public network safely, thus enabling you of remote access and enterprise-to-enterprise calling anytime if needed.

Support people-oriented collaboration

Cisco® Business Edition 6000 users will receive preferential permission items against cloud-based Cisco WebEx® Meeting Center online conferencing. Through this people-oriented collaboration solution, team members can take part in multimedia sessions and share information easily via any computer or mobile devices.

Improve clients’ satisfaction

Cisco® Business Edition 6000 provides perfect and highly secure client service solutions to satisfy your preference. Whether you choose call distribution from local call queue, establish call routes and call distribution with the help of intuitive call operator console, or manage the powerful and position-based call center with the help of Cisco unified contact center, Cisco® Business Edition 6000 can integrate all functions that you demand and successfully provide service strategy for you clients.

Ensure security and compliance

Cisco Emergency Responder* can ensure that Cisco® Business Edition 600 will transfer emergency calls to appropriate PSAP(public safety answering point) of the location that is suitable for callers, therefore, PSAP can know where the caller is and recall if necessary. The system will automatically track and update the moves and changes of devices to ensure that enterprises abide by laws and regulations, thus lowering risks of related responsibility of emergency calls.

Practical Cases

A finance company

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