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System Integration

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Generic Cabling System

Information processing system has developed rapidly in recent years, demands for information transfer concerning its fast, convenience, safety and reliability are much higher. Network established by many companies is supposed to internally adapt to the different network equipment, host, terminals, PC and peripheral devices, which can constitute a flexible topology and has enough system expansion capability. By connecting national public network with external information source, it can form an omni-directional and multi-channel access to information system. In a word, information processing system should not only meet the needs of the current information processing, but also fully consider the future development trend of information system.

Cameras and Surveillance System

Safety marks the quality of life. By means of advanced technology, concerning the possible intrusion within a fixed areas, it is the goal of security system to capture and record relevant images of alarming information timely and provide effective protection for important areas. It is said that prevention is more important than disaster relief, the requirement of security system must be strict due to its huge responsibility.

Access control system

Access control system is also called entrance/entry system. A modern and functional access control system can not only be used for entrance/entry management, but also for internal effective management. It will automatically record stuff access time, limit access time and areas of insiders and politely refuse the uninvited people. At the same time, it will also effectively protect your property from illegal infringement.

UPS System

UPS(Uninterruptible Power System/ Uninterruptible Power Supply), also uninterruptible power source. It connects storage battery(mainly maintenance-free lead acid storage battery) with host and transfer direct current into alternating current through module circuit, such as host inverter.

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