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Main Business

Chit offers you sincere service, thank you for your support!

Agent for Long-distance( international, domestic) Service

17909 and 17696 are IP telephones launched by China telecom and China unicom respectively against their own in-network. You can use them to make IP call without purchasing card or inputting card number and code. It will be much convenient for you to make long-distance call through telephone switch routing.

Agent for Relay and Network Circuit Service

We provide clients with comprehensive solutions including network planning, circuit installation and debugging until the operation of business and ensure the convenient and thoughtful service support.

¨  Promise one-stop service

¨  Provide consultations for network planning

¨  Circuit installation and debugging

¨  Assign project manager as client’s contact, in charge of all the circuit installation and debugging

¨  Promise circuit provisioning time

¨  Inform clients of circuit application and installation conditions regularly through client managers to ensure that they know the process well

¨  Circuit troubleshooting

¨  Promise troubleshooting time

¨  Promise all-year highest trouble last

¨  7*24 free and long-distance technical service hot-line

¨  7*24 network monitoring, inform users of network breakdown anytime

Agent for Increasing Businesses for Operators

Users guarantee telephone fees per month( including 30B+D monthly fee, but no internet fee) and ensure online expense limit. If less, cash will be paid. If more, the excess will be charged against certain discount. Operators can send users IT equipment of equal value against users’ commitment to monthly fee payment, which largely lower users’ earlier investment and provide them with operator-level services.

Case comparison between increasing businesses and normal voice service, for example:

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