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Desktop Service

(1)Computer software installation and maintenance;

(2)Computer hardware updating and maintenance;

(3)Installation, configuration and maintenance of operating system;

(4)Software patch updating of operating system;

(5)Database installation, configuration and maintenance;

(6) Commonly-used software installation and maintenance;

(7)Virus scan and prevention;

(8) IT asset checking;

Service introduction:

IT desktop devices are used by employees for information processing, communication and computation in the workplace, including computer software and hardware and other related devices. These IT desktop devices provide a number of applications and services and ensure the regular work of employees in information age. The breakdown of desktop devices will seriously affect work efficiency, even hinder regular operation of companies. We combine advanced technology, professional talents and scientific management process effectively, carry out centralized and standardized management over clients’ desktop devices through service production, offer clients first-rate service featuring on low cost, transparent price and standardized procedure and provide unified interface supported by technology of several manufacturers, thus clients could be emancipated from tedious desktop maintenance thoroughly and focus on their core business.

Network Service

(1)Check out network firewall log files regularly and adjust prevention strategy;

(2)Check out router log files regularly and ensure available Internet connection of company inside through flow allocation;

(3)Check out switch (indicators, sound and temperature) conditions regularly and ensure stable Internet connection;

(4)Extract witch log files and analyze devices operation conditions;

(5)Virus detection of computer network;

(6)Check out every network node regularly to ensure efficient network.

Service introduction: Network is mainly about related services concerning network equipment, including network foundation, OSI layered model, characteristics and functions, installation, configuration, diagnosis and troubleshooting of network components, basic network connection hardware, peripheral equipment and skills that needed for agreement.

Server Service

(1) Examine whether indicators run well regularly, troubleshoot if errors occur;

(2) Check out server log files regularly to prevent troubles;

(3) Clear server cache files regularly to ensure efficient operation;

(4) Check out if server has any abnormalities: usage, service status, signs of hacker intrusion;

(5)Backup important data;

(6)Install system or procedure patches; reduce server flaws.

Service introduction: server services include server installation, debugging and maintenance:

1. Check out hardware connectivity, disconnect network cables and start installing operation system and select necessary components during installation to reduce unnecessary flaws and improve efficiency;

2. Install system patches after system installation;

3. Carry out server configuration according toServer Security Configuration Handbook;

4. Set up auditing regulation;

5. Connect network cables, check out Internet availability and monitor remote control software;

6. Fill inServer Information Sheetafter finishing set-up.

Office Equipment Service

(1)Check out equipment operation regularly and guard against breakdown in advance;

(2)Keep daily maintenance for equipment inside and outside to reduce its fault rate;

(3)Equipment troubleshooting maintenance, fix equipment failures and replace worn and aging components;

(4)Staff training concerning equipment use and simple troubleshooting methods;

(5)Inter-connect equipment network and give full rein to equipment;

(6)Distribution and installation of equipment and consumables, such as ink box, colored tape, printer cartridge, powered carbon;

Service introduction: We advocate the content of “70% care, 30% maintenance” for office equipment maintenance. Instead of passive maintenance after failures occurring, the “initiative care and maintenance” will bring you more complete guarantee and lower cost.

Stationary Service

We provide any kinds of IT staff stationary services concerning desktop support, project management and project implementation, through the streamlined preventive system and strict engineer performance appraisal system, we keep consumer concerns under control, such as service quality and safety. Specific ways:

  5 days per week (Monday~ Friday), offering door-to-door stationary service according to clients’ schedule;

3 days per week (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday), offering door-to-door stationary service according to clients’ schedule;

  2 days per week (e.g. Tuesday, Thursday), offering door-to-door stationary service according to clients’ schedule;

  1 days per week (e.g. Wednesday), offering door-to-door stationary service according to clients’ schedule;

·         Our guarantee:

Permanent staff: If you choose our service, we set up a counterpart service team with one service manager as its leader and provide permanent staff service.

  Streamlined management:In accordance with the company service management model, we divide one-year service period into start-up period, service period and the terminal period, control the whole service process and carry out strict service personnel performance appraisal to ensure the service quality.

Technical training, team cooperation:Our service staff have undergone strict technical training and service training, pass technical exchanges and irregular training twice a month and maintain leading technology of service personnel. At the same time, we have gained echelon-team support from engineer-project manager-service manager-technical specialist, which fully embodies the team support ability and service advantages.

  Prevention and control, reduce the failure rate: We establish a series of fault prevention mechanism, offer active service, strengthen detection and pre-processing during non-fault phase. We aim at reducing the failure rate rather than passive maintenance. According to statistics, failure rate will be reduced by 20 ~ 30% after the implementation of our network and the preventive measures.

  Sufficient personnel reserve: According to the number of service personnel, we provide adequate backup stuff to avoid service discontinuity caused by stuff fluctuations and provide sufficient support for increased stuff in virtue of  temporary workload.

  Safety and confidentiality: Through Door-to-Door Regulations of Service Personnel, and Confidentiality Agreement between service personnel and customer, we carry out professional quality education, strict supervision and humanized incentive over service personnel, thus safeguarding clients’ information security from perspectives of humanization and serious legal protection.

One-hour complaint response: we promise to provide solutions within one hour upon clients’ complaints.

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